It has been a pretty intense day for people everywhere in Europe. Yesterday, 51.9% of UK voters expressed the opinion that the UK should exit the European Union. I had a very interesting day following the post-Brexit debate and taking part in the mostly-online conversation. First of all, I'd like […]

Colour of the Year

Amidst discussions of white-yellow blue-black dresses a subject came to mind: Who gets to decide what the colour of the year is? Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, is currently in charge of making that decision. The Pantone Color Institute functions within Pantone Inc., the corporation that owns […]

New site. What happened to the old site?

After years of neglect it became rather necessary to update the information on my "official" website. For one thing the information in my resume was 6 years old. While Facebook nowadays accomplishes most of the roles I had in mind when I planned and designed the previous version of this […]