New site. What happened to the old site?

After years of neglect it became rather necessary to update the information on my “official” website. For one thing the information in my resume was 6 years old.

While Facebook nowadays accomplishes most of the roles I had in mind when I planned and designed the previous version of this website, back in 2006, there are still a few things a site might be good for. This time around I intend to make this place mainly about teaching and travel. I think, unlike Facebook lately, a site should allow me to keep things a bit more organised. Also, judging by the number of organic referrals to the old site, a reasonable number of people end up here trying to look me up to see what I do. An updated resume should make it easier for them to figure things out especially since the likes of LinkedIn and don’t really seem to cut it when it comes to my very diverse range of activities.

I will continue to write in English but I will be including materials in Romanian, and possibly other languages.

The old site, blog posts and all, will remain accessible through